Crystal knows

Help writing emails with public data aggregators

Other than speed and dependability, one of the most useful things that I said goodbye to when I moved to an Exchange email address was Rapportive. Google apps and everything that goes with it is just not corporate way. Repportive as a great little extension to gmail that scans Linkedin, Twitter and public Facebook pages […]

flux logo

Flux and iOS8

Even after having a jailbroken iPad for the last year or so, I could not help the draw of iOS8. I did not use that many jailbroken apps and there were a few bugs that I would have loved fixed, so I figured going back to standard iOS couldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately I forgot […]

Google IO Meterial design keynote

Skeuomorphism is alive and well

The hatred toward skeuomorphism, was palpable at around the time Jony Ive became the head of the human interface of Apple in 2011. And thanks to Steve Job’s bizarre relationship with his leather chair, Apple was without a doubt the worst culprit in keeping this dyeing horse alive for way past his prime. Needless to say Jony […]

Buying a house is scary

House hunting can be less scary

My fiancé and I are finally ready to buy a house, or at least we are mentally, but working out if we are financially prepared is something else. A while back we thought about our finances roughly and came up with a number that we think will be able to just about manage. There is […]

Triposo screenshot of Riommaggore

Triposo: A great travel app

I have recently traveling in Italy and Southern France but before I left I wanted to see what travel books I should take with me. Back in the day of gap-year backpacking Lonely Planet was my source of all travel knowledge. So obviously thats where I started. I’m an e-book person, so the potential travel […]

Leaked screenshots of the new UI for Google called Quantum Paper

Quantum Paper: Google’s new universal design language

Edit: Quantum paper has been replaced with Material design: It’s Awesome! Older post: Seems like I go and and on about the hamburger icon, but thankfully it looks like the new Google design language is stabilising into something really awesome called Quantum Paper. Google has realised that the hamburger icon needs a little help, but […]

Google plus replaces the hamburger icon with an everything menu

The future of the hamburger icon?

A few weeks after I mentioned that the hamburger icon is going to be hanging around for a while, Google contemplates ditching it all together. The new Android Google plus app significantly challenges the current android guidelines by removing the hamburger icon and placing the menu items in a drop down called “everything”. There has also […]