Even after having a jailbroken iPad for the last year or so, I could not help the draw of iOS8. I did not use that many jailbroken apps and there were a few bugs that I would have loved fixed, so I figured going back to standard iOS couldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately I forgot just how much I rely on one particular app: Flux. I have mentioned it before as one of my favorite jailbroken apps, but because it works so subtly and effortlessly I forgot just how much I love it.

I used to enjoy reading at night in the dark while my fiance is sleeping, but with iOS 8 I can no longer do that. Without Flux and in the darkness of my room, the screen is way too bright on it’s lowest setting and the blue of the screen makes my eyes water. Its really a terrible experience.

I would roll back to jailbroken iOS 7 in a second if it was as easy as restoring the old backup. But unfortunately the backup does not store the apps, only the settings, so I would have to reinstall all my apps again.

I really wish that Apple would realise the value of Flux and allow it to work on a non-jailbroken iPad, or better still, buy it and incorporate it into the OS.