It’s easy to say that Uber has taken social reviews to the next level. Whenever anyone says, “the Uber of <insert some industry>” they are often talking about the rating and review aspects of the service. But recently I can’t help thinking that it’s just not right.

The way that it’s structured forces me award incorrect star ratings to the drivers. They are expected to keep a rating of above 4.6 stars and if it drops below this, they are dicativated (A polite way of saying fired). That means that if I give my Uber driver 4 stars, I basically think that he does not deserve to be a driver. So I’m left giving 5 stars to all the drivers no matter how average they are.

This is not really a problem until an awesome driver comes along and you can only give them a max 5 stars; the same as the average guys. Supposedly if you want to give a great review, you have to comment on the driver trip. But in my opinion, this just negates the whole point of the stars. They might as well just have two options. It was ok (5 starts) or it was shit (1 or 2). There is no need for 5 options.

The new UI leans even more towards this (below). If you don’t give 5 starts, you are asked, “What was wrong?” So there must have been something wrong with the driver if you are giving them anything less thanĀ 5 stars. I get that they just want to know where to improve, but I feel that it would make everyone’s life easier if they should advertise that 4 stars is pretty good, and 5 starts if fucking awesome. And when they ask the question for anything other than 5 starts, they should ask, “Where can the driver improve?” instead of “What was wrong?”. This get’s the data they need and I don’t feel like I am complaining with every review.

Uber are updating all the time, so maybe they will address this soon. Let’s see.