During a discussion with a colleague about why I have jailbroken my iPad, I realised that I could only list a few really good reasons. One of them is definitely F.lux. I tend to forget about this little app, but it is one of my must haves. Simply put, it removes some of the blue hue from your screen at night. This not only makes it easier to read, but supposedly makes you sleep better too.  If you working or reading at night, the white light of your screen makes your brain  think that it’s daytime and it continues to produce melatonin. F.lux removes some of the blue form the screen, warming it up and allowing the brain to think it’s dusk. I cannot say that I have been able to prove if I actually sleep better (even though I think I do), but I definitely find it easier to read at night with it is activated. I really wish that this app was available in the App store, but until Apple changes some of it’s policies, it’s going to stay in Cydia and keep my iPad jailbroken.

Flux app