Google UX Masterclass 2014

Google is on mission is to spread the word that good design makes our life better and it’s not impossible to achieve. One of their steps towards this, was a free two day UX masterclass held Woodstock this week.  It was presented by two great Googlers Masumi Matsumoto and Ben Davies who have both been involved in […]

Google IO Meterial design keynote

Skeuomorphism is alive and well

The hatred toward skeuomorphism, was palpable at around the time Jony Ive became the head of the human interface of Apple in 2011. And thanks to Steve Job’s bizarre relationship with his leather chair, Apple was without a doubt the worst culprit in keeping this dyeing horse alive for way past his prime. Needless to say Jony […]

Photos make all the difference

As much as we try and create delightful user experiences with awesome UI and great process flows, we all know that it really always boils down to the content. It does not matter how fantastic your navigation is or how awesome the checkout process is, if the content is crap no one will care. Airbnb learnt this when they realised […]

Buying a house is scary

House hunting can be less scary

My fiancé and I are finally ready to buy a house, or at least we are mentally, but working out if we are financially prepared is something else. A while back we thought about our finances roughly and came up with a number that we think will be able to just about manage. There is […]

Leaked screenshots of the new UI for Google called Quantum Paper

Quantum Paper: Google’s new universal design language

Edit: Quantum paper has been replaced with Material design: It’s Awesome! Older post: Seems like I go and and on about the hamburger icon, but thankfully it looks like the new Google design language is stabilising into something really awesome called Quantum Paper. Google has realised that the hamburger icon needs a little help, but […]

Full screen popup advert

Full screen popups

As banner blindness is so prevalent, the next obvious step is to display a full screen popup so a visitor can know about the newsletter or Facebook page before being allowed to see the content they came for… That’s a great idea! It seems that so many companies are thinking this way and it infatuates me. Im not […]

App reviews: Google Play and the Apple App store

Both iOS and Android suffer from Apps begging for reviews. That little popup halfway though a game or in the middle of a task saying something to the effect of, “Like this app? Review it in the app store!”.  We know that reviews are really important, but is this really the only way a developer […]