FNB and the broken back button

FNB and the broken back button

The back button is by far the most used navigational element in the browsers and apps, (maybe second only to text links) and yet it is still not give the respect it deserves.  I was having a discussion the other day about how badly the FNB website treats the back button with a dev and […]

flux logo

Flux and iOS8

Even after having a jailbroken iPad for the last year or so, I could not help the draw of iOS8. I did not use that many jailbroken apps and there were a few bugs that I would have loved fixed, so I figured going back to standard iOS couldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately I forgot […]

Google UX Masterclass 2014

Google is on mission is to spread the word that good design makes our life better and it’s not impossible to achieve. One of their steps towards this, was a free two day UX masterclass held Woodstock this week.  It was presented by two great Googlers Masumi Matsumoto and Ben Davies who have both been involved in […]