Leaked screenshots of the new UI for Google called Quantum Paper

Quantum Paper: Google’s new universal design language

Edit: Quantum paper has been replaced with Material design:  https://www.google.com/design/ It’s Awesome! Older post: Seems like I go and and on about the hamburger icon, but thankfully it looks like the new Google design language is stabilising into something really awesome called Quantum Paper. Google has realised that the hamburger icon needs a little help, but […]

Google plus replaces the hamburger icon with an everything menu

The future of the hamburger icon?

A few weeks after I mentioned that the hamburger icon is going to be hanging around for a while, Google contemplates ditching it all together. The new Android Google plus app significantly challenges the current android guidelines by removing the hamburger icon and placing the menu items in a drop down called “everything”. There has also […]

Full screen popup advert

Full screen popups

As banner blindness is so prevalent, the next obvious step is to display a full screen popup so a visitor can know about the newsletter or Facebook page before being allowed to see the content they came for… That’s a great idea! It seems that so many companies are thinking this way and it infatuates me. Im not […]

App reviews: Google Play and the Apple App store

Both iOS and Android suffer from Apps begging for reviews. That little popup halfway though a game or in the middle of a task saying something to the effect of, “Like this app? Review it in the app store!”.  We know that reviews are really important, but is this really the only way a developer […]