Uber ratings

When ratings fail: Uber

It’s easy to say that Uber has taken social reviews to the next level. Whenever anyone says, “the Uber of <insert some industry>” they are often talking about the rating and review aspects of the service. But recently I can’t help thinking that it’s just not right. The way that it’s structured forces me award […]

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The two delights

A very significant goal for a good customer experience is to delight one’s customers, but there are two different versions of delight and even though they are both really important, it’s good to acknowledge the difference. There is the more emotional delight from good looking and friendly interfaces, like the Google Doogle or the animations on Android’s […]

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Analog testing lab is still the way to go

A while ago a wrote a post about our (then new) usability testing lab. Since joining Deloitte I have had the opportunity to design another two, one slightly more advanced than the other. With the new budget and the advancements in digital streaming I considered moving from my analog method to join the rest of […]


The reality of contextual research

It’s still very common to be answered with blank looks and shrugs when questioning a client about their customers. They know exactly what the business wants but little thought has been put into who their customers are and what makes them tick. So it makes me happy to see that lately more companies are investing in […]

User experience can learn from improv

Lead with action

We recently had our third improv session with Marcel and he kicked it up a level or two. An interesting thing happened to my understanding how improv effects our company. I have mentioned before there is a lot of similarity between improv and design thinking, but this time I realised that there is nothing like […]

Flow and Marcel

Improv and design thinking

Every few months Flow dedicates a day to internal reflection. The idea is to learn about what our colleagues have been up to and how they have solved complex problems in projects they have been busy with. On Monday we tried something a little different. We dedicated two hours of the day to an improv […]

Flow Interactive joins Deloitte Digital

Flow is growing up.

It seems to be going around. Digital companies being bought left right and centre. Each trying to explain in there own way why the merger is better for their clients. But not matter how good the final merger might be, the fact is there is a underlying sadness to it. I have been working for […]

FNB and the broken back button

FNB and the broken back button

The back button is by far the most used navigational element in the browsers and apps, (maybe second only to text links) and yet it is still not give the respect it deserves.  I was having a discussion the other day about how badly the FNB website treats the back button with a dev and […]